Welcome to the new feel and look of Ali M Syed . com

Please browse through my website only with a broad-mind and lowered brow (optional!)

The blogs are not to make you feel good! They are there to tell you my perspective on things. Please understand, I don’t assume that everything I say is right (thanks Ankit), or I am never going to change my views!

Just read through, and leave comments!

Comments are always welcome, and answered!

All for all those potential Employers who are lining up to hire me after my degree completion (and please, no pushing!)

My recent, former and Future projects

  1. Bullet HPLC Tool

  2. Bullet Speed Test App

  3. Bullet Sternschaltung

  4. Bullet Flexi Comment Box

  5. Bullet Kantoff

  6. Bullet Clothes

  1. -Me

My favorite songs

  1. 1.Teenage Wasteland.mp3

  2. 2.I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight.m4a

  3. 3.If I Talk To God.mp3

  4. 4.Learning How To Bend.mp3

  5. 5.The Distance (Live).mp3

  6. 6.We well not go down.mp3

My Motto

Just because I am one single man, doesn’t mean I can’t change the world


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